July 22, 2020

Coronavirus Updates Center

We are regularly updating the information below to help you stay up to date with our current status and safety procedures.

  • Our centers continue to be open at low volumes, with cleaning procedures, physical distancing, and medical-grade PPE being used. Details about the safety precautions we are taking can be found in our earlier message here.

  • Our in-home care is also continuing, with our therapists limited in the number of clients they work with.

  • Our in-home behavioral therapists can facilitate telehealth sessions with your child’s specialty providers in areas like speech, OT, PT, and music therapy. Our telehealth services are also continuing, with more opportunities than ever to work on new skills and maintain continuity of your child’s progress.

The Highest Standards of Safety for Your Child’s Progress:

  • Limited Capacity. All of our centers are operating at a maximum of 20% capacity (and often under this), to ensure physical distancing.

  • Screening. All staff screen themselves before a session and do not come to work if their temperature is over 100 degrees or any potential symptoms are present. Additionally, all clients are temperature-screened at the entrance, with no client permitted to start a session if they have a temperature over 100 degrees or are otherwise symptomatic.

  • Distancing Protocols. The client and their parent/caregiver are greeted at the entrance by our staff, and only the child is escorted to the center (unless the parent is needed to participate in the session). The therapist and client follow a specific path to their assigned room to ensure minimal contact with any other therapists or clients (using multiple entrances wherever possible).

  • Personal Protective Equipment. All therapists and center staff are required to wear masks in the center at all times (and to wear masks outdoors if within 6 feet of others). We request that all clients wear masks, unless not tolerated. For children who are unable to tolerate masks, our therapy program can incorporate activities that help build this skill.

  • Handwashing. Handwashing routines are incorporated into sessions (approximately once every hour).

  • Cleaning and Sanitization. All surfaces and materials are cleaned using medical-grade wipes and gloves before and after each use. Professional cleaners are cleaning and sanitizing our centers using EPA-certified agents.

  • Outdoor Activities. We will conduct sessions outdoors as much as possible, to allow maximal airflow and dilution of respiratory particles. Inside the center, we are opening windows and doors to maximize ventilation where possible.

  • Group Safety. PREP (our Pre-K Readiness Early-Intervention Program) has groups for socialization and school readiness with no more than 6 clients, with no child rotating between groups. Though local guidelines allow up to 12 in a group for camps, we have chosen to limit to 6. Children are closely monitored by our therapists for safety, including during activities like circle time, tabletop, and play activities.

  • In-Home Safety. To the maximum extent possible, all of the above protocols are followed for our therapists conducting sessions in homes. Each therapist is limited to no more than 4 client homes, temperature/symptom screenings are asked from both the therapist and client families before each session, and masks and gloves are provided to each therapist. Similar to in-center, we encourage outdoor activities wherever possible.

We hope these detailed protocols and equipment, developed under the oversight of our medical team, give you the peace of mind to know you can resume in-center and in-home care safely. If you have any questions about our safety protocols or want to start in-center or in-home services, please call your local center.

We are accepting new patients!