Telehealth services are a wonderful addition to your child’s therapy program. If you already have experience with Cortica's in-center and in-home services, you’ll find that our telehealth therapies provide the same superior quality and even more opportunities for engagement and learning for your child and your whole family.

Telehealth therapies are sometimes referred to as online therapy, e-therapy, virtual therapy, or telemedicine. At Cortica, telehealth services are an easy way to receive personalized care, such as medical visits; counseling; speech, music, occupational, and physical therapy; and ABA. The online nature of this program means that we're able to deliver the same level of care to any family, regardless of physical location. We’ve been delivering telehealth services to families around the world since 2014. We’ve found telehealth services to be a very effective way for children to learn new skills and make progress in their development.

Whether you've already scheduled your first telehealth session or are thinking about it, the following tips will set you up for success.

1. Write down your questions.

Before your first session, take a moment to write down any questions you have about telehealth services, then ask your therapist at the start of your session. You are also welcome to call or email us so we can provide answers and help to set your mind at ease. Your child might also be wondering what a telehealth session will be like. Tell your child that they will get to “play with [insert therapist’s name] today in a new way! You’ll get to see them through the computer and play games together even though you are not in the same place!”

2. Read through our "Getting Started" technology guide.

It's OK - you're not expected to be a tech wizard! Your therapist will explain the basics to you. Should problems arise, the therapist can help support you through minor technical difficulties. For anything you can’t solve together, your therapist can connect with Cortica’s tech support. They are awesome!

3. Team up with your child's therapy team.

Therapy does not work in a vacuum; working as a team is the most effective path to progress. It's expected that you, as a parent or caregiver (or your in-home Behavioral Interventionist), will accompany your child to each session to assist with technology, ensure materials are available, act as the therapist’s hands when needed, and observe what strategies the therapist is using so that you can implement follow-through between therapy sessions. The therapist will give clear directions during sessions and will often send information about the required materials ahead of time.

4. Look for takeaways.

Online therapy is very effective, in part because of the necessary collaboration between the family and the therapist(s) mentioned above. Many families find that, by attending, observing, and facilitating their child's sessions, they better understand the role of the therapies their child receives. Parents also say they learn new ways to support their child. You, as a parent, will be empowered as you learn skills and techniques that you can implement on a daily basis to assist your child in improving strengths and overcoming challenges.

We hope the tips in this article help you to have a wonderful experience with our telehealth program.