Pre-Kindergarten Readiness Early-Intervention Program (PREP)

PREP is our intensive group therapy program for children with autism, ages 2 to 6, that prepares them for mainstream kindergarten. The PREP curriculum supports children as they acquire the social, communication, cognitive, and motor skills necessary to succeed in mainstream classrooms.

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What is the goal of our PREP program?

The PREP curriculum aims to support Neurodivergent children to acquire the skills across the major early childhood developmental milestones necessary to succeed in mainstream kindergarten or other early education classrooms. The major developmental milestones targeted in PREP include social, communication, cognitive, social-emotional, executive functioning, and motor skills. During PREP, your child will participate in activities to help build these skills, such as circle time, arts and crafts, music, play, and other group activities.

Goals of our PREP program include:

  • Supporting early childhood development and essential milestones

  • Fostering social-emotional processing and development

  • Improving executive functioning

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Where does PREP take place?

PREP takes place at Cortica’s clinics and is offered in addition to one-to-one direct service provided in-home and/or in-clinic. Visit our locations page to find a Cortica center near you.PREP morning sessions are offered from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm at all of our Cortica centers. Afternoon session times vary by center. If you are interested in learning more about PREP session times, please reach out to your BCBA, ABA Supervisor, or call (888) 885-5068.

Who is eligible for PREP?

Children must receive an ABA assessment or currently be enrolled in ongoing ABA services at Cortica to be eligible for Cortica’s Pre-K Readiness Early-Intervention Program.

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ABA Therapy vs. Traditional Preschool

Preschool can be overwhelming for any child. Being away from their families, making new friends, and adjusting to a new routine can feel like a lot, but most children eventually learn to adjust. For children with autism, this transition may require a bit more support.

It is normal for autistic children to become overstimulated in social and group settings. As such, the transition to a traditional classroom environment can be challenging for autistic children and their families. Unlike a traditional preschool, PREP is designed to cater to every child’s unique learning style to help them adjust to the structure and routine of a traditional school environment. The personalization of the program can also help mitigate any disruptive behaviors that may interfere with learning in a classroom environment.

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PREP Camps, Social Groups, and Additional Services

Throughout the year, we offer many different themed PREP camp opportunities over school breaks in spring, summer, fall, and winter. Our PREP camps are focused on providing continued social skill development opportunities in a therapeutic environment with supervision from a BCBA or LBA. If your child may benefit from additional social groups such as a PREP camp and you are currently enrolled in PREP, please reach out to your BCBA or ABA supervisor to learn more about what social groups are offered at a site nearest you. If you are not currently receiving services from Cortica, please call (888) 885-5068.

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How long is PREP?

How long is PREP?

The program duration of our pre-kindergarten readiness program varies by child. However, a minimum of one year is usually recommended. Your child’s doctor will consult with you about their recommendation for your child’s personalized plan for services.

What can I expect from PREP at Cortica?

What can I expect from PREP at Cortica?

Children enrolled in our Pre-K Readiness Early-Intervention Program show progress in the skills needed for developmental growth, including increased independence, safety, self-determination, and social communication. After the program concludes, your child will have developed new skills that will help create a more positive learning environment in their mainstream kindergarten or other early education classroom setting.

Will my insurance cover Autism Therapy?

Will my insurance cover Autism Therapy?

At Cortica, we work with a wide range of health insurance plans. We can provide you with a benefits check and cost estimate before beginning services with Cortica. Please reach out to us for information about your specific insurance coverage.