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The Cortica Care Model

Autism Diagnosis and Treatment Options at Cortica

Every child has a unique path to reach their highest potential. At Cortica, we offer an advanced approach to autism diagnosis and treatment. We create custom treatment programs for children with autism and other developmental differences based on an in-depth understanding of the child's neurobiology and developmental profile. Learn about our treatment options below.
Explore the Cortica Care Model

Neurology is one of the six treatment areas in the Cortica Care Model. The goal of these therapies is to improve the brain’s electrical activity and neurotransmitter function in children with autism. When clinically appropriate, we employ diagnostic EEG testing, neuromodulation therapies, and more.

icon-biochemistryWhole-Body Health & Nutrition

We use targeted therapies including nutrition analysis, metabolic testing, and more to improve your child's biochemistry, cellular health, and energy metabolism. Improvements in these areas benefit brain function.

icon-sensorimotorSensory & Motor

Therapies that organize and strengthen sensorimotor integration are an essential part of an effective childhood autism treatment program. Our skilled therapists employ a wide range of tools and techniques, including occupational therapy, physical therapy, and music therapy, to build the neural networks for sensorimotor processing and integration.

icon-communicationSpeech & Language

Communication is one of the most important goals of therapy for individuals with challenges in their use of language, such as children with autism. Our communication therapies, including speech therapy and music therapy, are used to build the cognitive, language, and motor skills needed for meaningful communication.


At Cortica, we not only apply the most effective techniques from Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), but we enhance them by applying key insights from neuroscientific research. This allows us to successfully reshape the neural networks that influence a child's behavior.

icon-familyHomeFamily Wellness

Having a child with autism or other developmental differences affects the whole family. Family and wellness counseling is an important part of autism treatment. We believe in supporting every family member. Our family wellness counselors will partner with you to improve emotional, relational, and internal well-being.