Medical Care for Autism

At Cortica, we optimize the health of your child’s brain and body through in-depth evaluation and treatment for medical and mental health conditions that often co-occur with autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions.

Our physicians and nurse practitioners specialize in whole-child care, diagnosing and treating seizures, sleep disorders, gastrointestinal symptoms, anxiety, ADHD, emotional dysregulation, and more.

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Your Child’s Neurodevelopmental Evaluation

During your child’s initial neurodevelopmental evaluation at Cortica, one of our doctors will review your child’s medical history and conduct a physical exam. Based on this assessment your doctor will create a personalized plan for your child.

We'll gain a better understanding of your child through:

  • Information from your child's medical history

  • Findings from your child's physical and neurological examination

  • Lab test results

  • Medical tests such as Electroencephalography (EEG)

  • Other medical tests, depending on your child’s unique profile

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Cortica’s Approach to Medical Care

Autism can affect a child’s communication, social interaction, and behavior. At Cortica, our medical care can support your child’s development. We use a multi-dimensional approach that may include:

  • Diagnostic technologies: Electroencephalography (EEG) allows us to measure the brain's electrical patterns

  • Therapeutic technologies: cranial electrotherapy stimulation and other forms of neuromodulation allow us to influence electrical activity in key neural networks.

  • Medication: Medications may help treat symptoms such as anxiety, depression, aggression, and hyperactivity

  • Treatment of co-occurring conditions: Epilepsy, sleep disorders, and gastrointestinal issues are common in individuals with autism and appropriate diagnosis and treatment can improve a child’s health and development

  • Behavioral interventions: We provide guidance and support for behavioral interventions, such as applied behavior analysis (ABA), an evidence-based therapy that can improve communication, social skills, and behavior

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Medical Professionals at Cortica

We bring expertise, dedication, and kindness to every discipline. Our talented professionals, including pediatricians, pediatric neurologists, EEG technicians, and others, work together to design custom treatment plans to help your child succeed.

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Medical Tests and Treatments at Cortica

We use medical tests and treatments to provide insights into the brain differences that give rise to the features of autism. The tests help us provide accurate diagnoses and to create custom treatment plans integrating medical interventions, medications, or certain therapeutic interventions.

Some of our medical tests and treatments include:

  • Chromosomal microarray analysis: This high-resolution genetic test can identify variations in small regions of chromosomes that can affect brain development

  • Mitochondrial and other metabolic testing: These tests provide important information about your child’s biochemistry and may point to helpful medical therapies.

  • Electroencephalography (EEG): This technique records the brain’s electrical activity, aids in the diagnosis of seizures, and provides information about an individual’s sleep quality.

  • Nutrition evaluation, supplementation, and management: Our team can complete a feeding and nutrition evaluation and provide guidance on dietary modifications and nutrition supplementation.

  • Medication management: Some individuals with autism may benefit from medications to help with symptoms such as anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, and aggression. Our medication management approach is designed to achieve desired therapeutic effects while minimizing side effects and potential risks.

  • Device therapies: Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation is a neuromodulation therapy that can help reduce the body’s stress response. Other neuromodulation therapies may also benefit some children.


Will my insurance cover medical treatment?

Will my insurance cover medical treatment?

At Cortica, we work with a wide range of health insurance plans. We can provide you with benefits check and cost estimates before beginning your services. Please reach out to us for information about your specific insurance coverage.