Progress, Uninterrupted

As a parent, you may be wondering how to keep your child’s development on track through school closures and other COVID-19 precautions. Rather than a period of interruption, this unique time can be enriching for both you and your child through the use of telehealth therapy services.

Telehealth is a way for your child to receive personalized, one-on-one therapy via a secure video call. Instead of using separate providers for each therapy, simplify your daily routine with an all-in-one program at Cortica.

Online Therapy Options for Children

We have availability for both comprehensive and focused programs that you can access remotely through your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Services include:

  • biomedical care

  • counseling

  • parent training

  • occupational, physical, speech, music, behavior (ABA), and feeding therapies, and more.

Your program will be tailored to the unique skills of your child, goals, and preferences.

"Our initial interactions with Cortica have been so helpful and reassuring while navigating the unknown world of pediatric mental health and shelter-in-place."

-A Cortica Family

Telehealth Insurance Coverage and Pricing

We aim to make Cortica’s telehealth services financially accessible to as many families as possible. Most insurances now cover telehealth based on government mandates. We will provide a thorough benefits check before starting your program. Self-pay packages are also available.

Virtual Therapy Compared to Traditional Therapy

Research shows that telehealth therapy helps children make progress on their goals at the same rate as services delivered in-person. (See the research that underlies our telehealth model at this link.) Devices and screens actually improve sustained engagement for many children. Our team of devoted clinicians and therapists will bring new ideas and activities directly into your home. Cortica’s secure teleconferencing technology makes it easy, and our skilled team makes it fun!

Our Mission. Your Family’s Success.

From our clinical leaders’ collective experience and the research underlying our telehealth model, we know we can be successful with almost all children. Keep your child’s development on track with a custom telehealth therapy program from Cortica.

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