The Cortica Innovation Network strives to support deeper understanding of the causes of autism and neurodevelopmental differences; to improve clinical methods for assessing cognitive and behavioral abilities over time; and to help discover and promote the availability of safer and more effective treatments for children and adults. 


  • Accessibility: Offering access to studies in home, in clinic, and remotely;, helping to overcome anxiety around laboratory studies with top-quality internal phlebotomists; and ensuring appropriate financial support for participants. 

  • Inclusivity: Broad outreach to participants so that age, spoken language ability, cognitive ability, socio-economic status, and gender identity are not barriers to participation. 

  • Quality: Engaging in the highest quality of recruitment, data collection, data entry, and data analysis, in collaboration with our participants and research partners. 

  • Community: Embracing both the Cortica community and the larger neurodiversity community to optimize the talents and skills of all in pursuit of our mission.