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Brian Wong, MD
Brian Wong, MD
Director of Pediatric Neurology

Brian Wong, MD, is the director of pediatric neurology at the Irvine, California, location of Cortica. His combined experience as a board-certified pediatric neurologist and a trained behavior analyst allow him to identify underlying medical issues and conditions and bridge medical and behavioral therapies for children with neurodevelopmental differences. Read More

Cathy R. Lopez, PT, DPT
Cathy R. Lopez, PT, DPT
Director, Irvine Care Center

Cathy is a pediatric physical therapist with over 15 years of experience, who truly has a passion for helping children and their families. Throughout her career, she has specialized in evaluating and treating the pediatric neurodevelopmental population, as well as the medically fragile and complex pediatric patient. She is well versed in various neurodevelopmental diagnoses and is trained in pediatric NDT, sensory integration, yoga for the special child, pediatric electrical stimulation, kinesiology taping, and other specialties. Read More

Nataly Redriguez, CPNP-PC
Nataly Rodriguez, CPNP-PC
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Nataly is a registered nurse and pediatric nurse practitioner.  While studying to become a pediatric nurse practitioner, she began to work more with children, sparking her passion for treating children with neurodevelopmental differences.

At Cortica, Nataly is an integral part of the medical team and the nutrition program. She helps with all aspects of child care including conducting evaluations, making diagnoses and prescribing medications. Nataly monitors and maintains the progress of children and serves as a resource to help families prioritize recommendations for ongoing care. Read More