Telehealth speech-language therapy, also known as telepractice or teletherapy, involves delivering speech and language therapy services remotely via video conferencing platforms. Through these sessions, children can engage in therapeutic activities, receive personalized instruction, and practice communication skills from the comfort of their own homes. 

A child at a speech teletherapy session.

The Effectiveness of Telehealth Speech Therapy 

Research suggests that telehealth speech therapy can be highly effective for autistic children. Studies have shown that teletherapy sessions can lead to significant improvements in speech and language skills, including expressive and receptive language abilities, articulation, and social communication [1]. 

How Telehealth Services Can Benefit Your Family 

  • Convenience: Telehealth eliminates travel time to appointments, allowing your family to access therapy services from the comfort of home. 

  • Flexibility: Telehealth sessions can be scheduled at convenient times for your family, accommodating your family’s busy schedule and ensuring consistent therapy access for your child. 

  • Engagement: The familiar home environment can promote comfort and relaxation for your child, enhancing their engagement and participation in therapy activities. 

Telehealth at Cortica: A Seamless Transition 

Telehealth services can be a beneficial addition to your child’s therapy program. If you already have experience with Cortica's in-center and in-home services, you’ll find that our telehealth therapies provide the same high level of quality. 

At Cortica, our telehealth speech-language therapy sessions are conducted by experienced and highly trained therapists who specialize in working with children with autism and other developmental diagnoses. Through interactive and engaging activities tailored to your child's individual needs, our therapists provide targeted interventions to promote communication development and social interaction skills. 


Telehealth speech therapy holds great promise for autistic children, offering a convenient and effective way to support their communication development. With the right support and guidance from experienced therapists, children can make meaningful progress in their speech and language skills through teletherapy sessions. 

At Cortica, we are committed to providing comprehensive and personalized telehealth services that empower children to reach their full potential. Whether in-center, in-home, or through telehealth, our goal remains the same: to support and empower every child on their unique journey toward communication success. 


[1] American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. (2021). Telepractice.