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7090 Miratech Drive
San Diego, CA 92121
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Monday: 8:00 am-6:30 pm
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Suzanne Goh MD
Suzanne Goh, MD
Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer, Cortica

Suzanne Goh, MD, is a board-certified pediatric behavioral neurologist, neuroscience researcher, author and founder of Cortica. Cortica provides advanced therapies for children with autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions at its California locations in San Diego, Irvine, Torrance and Marin. Read More

Nicholas Ptacek, MBA
Nicholas Ptacek, MBA
Center Director

Nicholas brings to Cortica the compassion of a clinician and the acumen of a seasoned executive. His early career as a counselor lent Nicholas unique insight as he made the unusual transition from clinical work to operational leadership. He later set about growing and building two behavioral health companies with extensive networks on the east coast. Nicholas earned his bachelor’s degree from Eastern Mennonite University and his MBA from Cornell University. 

Erin Hildebrandt, MS, CPNP-PC, PMHS, ATC
Erin Hildebrandt, MS, CPNP-PC, PMHS, ATC
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

At Cortica, Erin is an integral part of the medical team. She helps with all aspects of child care including conducting evaluations, making diagnoses and prescribing medications. Erin monitors and maintains the progress of children and serves as a resource to help families prioritize recommendations for ongoing care. Read More