Advanced Neurological
Therapies for Autism

Every child has a unique developmental path to reach their greatest potential. We create effective, customized treatment programs for children with autism based on an in-depth understanding of the child's neurobiology and developmental profile.

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During childhood, brain networks form in distinct patterns with an orchestrated sequence. It’s an extraordinary, intricate choreography of neurophysiological and biochemical events. These events can be shaped and guided in many different ways.

The Cortica Care Model, with its six treatment areas and integrative approach, simultaneously addresses all important aspects of the developing brain. The treatments and techniques that we use at Cortica map purposefully to specific neural networks. The strengthening of these neural networks allows a child to develop new abilities for life.

Cognition &
Family & Home
The Cortica Care Model is an evidence-based, neurological approach to autism treatment that involves the application of specific therapies in the right way at the right time.

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