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A well-informed family and a nurturing home environment will strengthen and accelerate your child’s development of new abilities. Parents who understand Cortica’s neurological approach to care are able to bring successful techniques into the home.

The Benefits of Family and Home Support

Families that are supported by an experienced professional who understands their unique situation report lower levels of stress, increased harmony in the home, and greater confidence in their ability to further their child’s growth.

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It all begins with your own Family Wellness Counselor.

Your Dedicated Family Wellness Counselor

Cortica has encouraged us as parents. They’re teaching us every day. We love sitting in the sessions because we learn so much.C., Dad of 4 year-old with autism

Given the importance of family in Cortica’s comprehensive treatment approach, we match every family with a Family Wellness Counselor from our team of specially trained Clinical Social Workers, Marriage Family Therapists, and Professional Clinical Counselors. Family Wellness Counselors fill a variety of roles, including teacher, counselor, coordinator, and advocate.

Your Family Wellness Counselor may recommend a variety of support methods, including parent education and engagement, family counseling, care coordination, and advocacy. We're all in this together!

Parent Education and Engagement Program

Cortica’s family education program provides parents a thorough understanding of the philosophy that underpins Cortica’s approach to treatment, as well as careful instruction around the techniques most beneficial for a child’s developmental stage and a family’s needs.

Parent training sessions help support parents in implementing the right “carry-over” activities, so that what the child is learning in therapy sessions is also practiced at home.

Parent, Family, and Sibling Counseling

Anxiety, fatigue, sleep deprivation, marital stress, and financial strain are just some of the family challenges that may be heightened when a child has neurodevelopmental disorder. Family Wellness Counselors work with parents (individually or as couples) and siblings to craft strategies that can help overcome these challenges and support a nurturing environment that’s beneficial to every member of the family.

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Care Coordination and Advocacy

Cortica’s Family Wellness Counselors serve as a singular point of contact for all of a family’s needs. They mobilize specialists from each treatment domain to craft and manage a family’s care, coordinate administrative needs, and find answers to any questions that arise. As Family Wellness Counselors deepen their relationships with the families they serve, they are able to anticipate families’ needs and advocate for them at Cortica, at school, and in the community.

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