Advanced Neurological
Therapies for Autism

Dr. Suzanne Goh

MD, Pediatric Neurologist, Founder

Dr. Suzanne Goh is a board-certified pediatric behavioral neurologist, a neuroscience researcher, and author. She has dedicated her career to researching and developing therapies for neurological conditions that impact childhood brain development. Specializing in the treatment of autism, she is the founder of Cortica, and creator of the Cortica Care Model.

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"Thank you, thank you for having the vision to create such a powerful place for our children. Your imprint on our family will be felt and cherished for a lifetime." K., Mother of a 3 year-old child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, in a letter to Dr. Goh

Autism Researcher

Dr. Goh completed a postdoctoral Autism Research Fellowship in the Pediatric Brain Imaging Laboratory at Columbia University. She went on to serve as a member of the faculty at Columbia University, as Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurology, with joint appointments in the Departments of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Dr. Goh’s research has focused on mitochondrial and other metabolic features in autism. Through brain imaging studies (Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy), she has identified unique aspects of neural circuitry and brain chemistry in autism. Her research has led to publications in leading neuroscience journals, including Neurology, Annals of Neurology, Pediatric Neurology, & Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology.

Leader and Educator

At Columbia, Dr. Goh served as Co-Director of the Developmental Neuropsychiatry Clinic for Autism and Related Disorders where she led a multi-disciplinary team of physicians and psychologists specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of autism.

"We sincerely thank you for opening up the door for us to a whole new world of parenthood."
J. & N., Parents of a 6 year-old child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, in a letter to Dr. Goh

Dr. Goh is a faculty member of the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs, where she instructs physicians and other medical professionals from around the globe in best practices for the neurological care of autism and related conditions. She is a frequent speaker for parent advocacy organizations, including TACA and AutismOne. She has taught undergraduate and graduate students at Harvard University, Columbia University, and the University of California, San Francisco.


In 2013, she published the book Spectacular Bond: Reaching the Child with Autism with co-authors Dr. Marion Blank (developmental psychologist) and Susan Deland (parent of a child with autism). The book outlines a powerful home-based, parent-led behavior program for children with autism. She is also co-author of the ASD Language curriculum - a series of educational programs that teach cognition and language to children with autism.

"Thank you for being such a loving, compassionate physician. We deeply appreciate your open-minded and caring approach to medicine."
D. & M., Parents of a 4 year-old child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, in a letter to Dr. Goh

Creator of the Cortica Care Model

The Cortica Care Model is the culmination of Dr. Goh's research experience and clinical practice. This innovative approach combines optimal biomedical treatment with the most effective strategies for advancing cognition, communication, and behavior. Through the program, children achieve more meaningful social interaction, greater capacity for self-regulation, enhanced cognitive function, and improved overall health across all body systems. Over months and years, the treatment program evolves to match a child's new skills and abilities, making possible meaningful progress toward independent living, social relationships, occupation, and recreation.